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    Free Advice

    Do you need free professional help to solve your water pollution issue?

    Is your local UK beach, river or lake suffering from the effects of human-made pollution? 

    Do you need some advice & support to address the problem? 

    We can help you stop the pollution at its source.

    Call us now  on 07767 341 059 for some free advice. 


    With a strong practical knowledge of UK domestic and marine water issues, local & national political processes, UK domestic & marine policy, European marine environment law and a large environmental network, we are in the perfect position to help you secure cleaner water for your community.

    We can help you understand the processes and bodies involved and by sharing simple organisational/communication skills and awareness raising tactics with you on a one to one basis, give you the power to protect your local coastline or river system from pollution.

    Professional credentials

      • Marine Conservations Society – Sea Champion (2012-present)
      • Honorary Life Member: Surfers Against Sewage & Directorship: Surfers Against Sewage Ltd. (2000-2005)
      • Exemplary track record of successful campaign initiation, direction, co-ordination, management and completion.
      • Many years experience of fund-raising and campaigning for environmental, community and social projects.
      • Solid volunteer recruitment, co-ordination, training and motivation skills.
      • Working to protect the marine environment since 1990.